Some Indian cities look enriched in terms of employment opportunities available for different professions. While some of them are flooded with job openings for IT professionals, some other cities offer job opportunities for education, media, biotechnology and many other sectors. The professionals looking for jobs can move to these cities to search for ideal jobs as per their core industries and preferences. Looking at the recent trends, Bangalore and Kolkata can be suggested as the ideal job markets that help you locate the ideal opportunities. These cities serve a large pool of professionals with many new jobs created here every year.

If you have never considered the job openings coming from either Bangalore or Kolkata, you surely need to change your mind now. To know more about the trends highlighting job markets of these cities, you can refer to the following details.

Let’s have a close look at what jobs can you get to explore in Bangalore or Kolkata and what industries are prominent in either of these destinations.


This city, at present is best known for its earmarked presence in the IT sector and the jobs generated by it. The city is home to over 900 IT companies that create a generous amount of jobs for students passing out of engineering colleges every year. The city, with its globally known presence in the IT sector is also referred to as Silicon Valley of India. It employs about 35% of the IT professionals in India. Besides, many other sectors including manufacturing, automobile and biotechnology create most jobs in the city. With a significant contribution from these sectors, Bangalore recorded a surge of 12% in its new job creation category in 2013. A major part of these openings belong to IT companies based here. Besides, biotechnology is identified as another significant business for the city as 97 out of the total of 240 biotechnology companies in India are based in Bangalore. This makes it a major job market for biotechnology professionals.


The job trends in Kolkata might not be as prominent as the ones in Bangalore and other metro cities, but the city surely holds a lot to it in terms of employment opportunities. In the last few years, Kolkata has grown manifolds, be it in terms of infrastructure, education, IT, banking, manufacturing or any other industry. Out of these, banking has always been the economic strength of the city, which also creates alluring career opportunities for finance professionals. Besides, IT is said to be growing at the rate of 70% per year in the city, which is truly commendable. This data clearly defines the city’s potential to create new job vacancies.

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