For those who have finished college, I have a question for you – Which was the utmost remarkable day of your entire college journey? I am certain that a majority of us will reminiscence at least one faded memory of our college fest from the memory clutter of our best days in college.

Annual College fest marks the heyday of all popular college students.

It is day where the boundaries between college departments becomes invisible. Students from all courses unite together for a great cause of executing a more successful college fest than the preceding year. A prime section of the top engineering colleges in Bangalore invites elite singer, actor, dancers and band members during these events. And why not? Everybody wants to join the most popular college in town.

Some of the top management colleges in Bangalore starts preparation of annual college fest 6-8 months in advance. Due to the endless trail of additional responsibilities, a lot of top nursing institutes in Bangalore divide students in groups based on their skills and capabilities. These college teams formulate plans for decorations, food, prize distribution, certificates and guest booking.

Surprisingly, the lion’s share of top medical colleges in Bangalore turn their college events into live concerts. Stimulating the popularity scale by publishing crowd-pleasing stories in student magazines and education articles. The popularity gained from live concerts is an opportunity cost for new admissions in the next academic session.

To become an all-rounder, it is imperative to maintain the delicate balance between academics and extra-curricular activities. College fest and annual events are the best hippodrome to showcase the extra-ordinary talents of college students. Moreover, it is a win-win situation for the sponsors and the college authorities as well.

For sponsors, it is an element of cross-marketing. Their brand is being promoted and broadcasted in online and offline media. Sponsoring an event of the most popular college in Bangalore is an honour for the small and medium sized enterprises. And if their target audience compeer college students, their sales-chart figures multiplies soon after the college event.

Top management colleges organize sponsorship forums where students are assigned task to validate sponsors. Student presents analytic reports to college authorities as per the meeting outcomes with the sponsors.  Each of these students get rewarded based on the management, negotiation and administrative skills.  

Human being is a social animal! We all yearn to interact and learn from experiences of each other.  College fest is a platform where students can embellish their network chains with inter-college and inter-department students and faculty members. The enthusiasm and festive spirit acts as a catalyst in overpowering exam pressure and mental burden of students.

Bangalore Group of Institutions is one of the top engineering, nursing and pharmacy college in Bangalore which follows this proverb – All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! The institution conducts periodic cultural ceremonies and college events to maintain the order and gusto among students. Active participation in these events is key to ameliorate grades in internal assessment.

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