This article is only for students who get two lunch boxes daily – one for themselves and other for their teachers. In other terms, this article is for those students who always raise their hands in class even if they don’t know the answer.

There is a common misconception that if you apply butter (ghee if you are an Indian student) to your teachers you will become their favorite. Well, it’s true in some cases but it doesn’t work all the time.

Let me describe a clear-cut method to become ‘Student of the year 2020’ in college. But let me tell you something straight – There are no shortcuts!

Finish your assignment/projects before deadline.

A very few teachers will give you an assignment before they start their lectures. Most of the higher education colleges in India tend to check student’s IQ based on their assignment submission date.  A very few students will submit their assignments before deadline. And if you become one of them, you will surely be recognized by your teacher in the first semester itself.

Always be ahead of the game.

If you have taken admission in one of the top nursing, pharmacy or engineering college, you will realize that first semester of any top medical collegeis nothing but a revision of 11th and 12th class. Therefore, take a deep breath and go through your textbook before the lecture. This will boast your confidence and help you in answering all the questions the front row guys casually ask in order to gain attention.

Participate in sports

The best colleges for higher education will understand the fragile balance between sports and academics. If you are a CBSE or ICSE 2019 passout,then attending a college without sports department will become your worst decision. You don’t have to be professional player all the time, participation is enough to stand tall between the crowd. Practice will make you perfect anyways. You can play volleyball, basketball, football, throw-ball, cricket, etc.

Enjoy the limelight

Many students face stage fear and avoid all the cultural activities. They even get cold feet if they visualize themselves on stage. Most of the top-ranking colleges in India conduct annual college fest. Activities can range from fashion shows, dance competition, music festival and so on. If you have any hidden talent, then this is your chance. Or else, you can be the Simba (student co-coordinator) and manage these shows. Thus, don’t feel shy, enjoy the limelight!

Avoid college drama

College is a place where you can find friends for life. Help each other and climb the ladder together. Try not to be a part of any gang wars, group politics and violent stunts in college. Failing which, you might risk your career by suspension. Moreover, you will be humiliated by your own parents at every family function or family gatherings. So, avoid the college drama and take admission only in colleges with strict ragging policy.

Teach & Learn

Some of our friends (Chuppa rustams) claim that they dint study at all but somehow beat the topper of the class during surprise test. These smarts heads learn by just teaching others. Some of the top medical and engineering colleges have their semester examinations on Tablets with high secure applications. Gone are the days where we could copy through sign languages. With CCTV in all the classrooms – you are under surveillance at all time. Hence, the top study hack 2020 is to teach others and master the art of real-time learning in class.

Attend all classes

Students from top nursing or engineering college can understand the true definition of time. If you are 1 minute late for your class, you will not be allowed to enter the classroom. And to become thestudent of the year 2020, you must attend all your classes, even if its your least favorite subject. Full attendance will keep you rocking all the time, prevents you from notes-begging and you will soon become the apple-of-the eye for all your teachers.

Ask your teacher to be your mentor

Attending a top-ranking college in India comes with lagniappe of highly qualified trained professors and teachersThey know everything in your textbook at the back of their hands. If they’re given a chance to write an exam paper, they will surely score 110 out of 100. With such mastery and qualification, they are overflowing with wisdom to be shared. Ignoring the sarcasm, a teacher can mentor you for not only to become the student of the year but also to be a successful person in life. 

With these tips and tricks, nobody can stop you to be the “Student of the Year 2020”

Wish you all the very best for your future!

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